Hypnosis : Why Some Throw Baby Out With Bathwater

Unfortunately, in the past, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have received bad press. Why is this? There are, perhaps, three main reasons : – Stage hypnotists who claim they are using ‘hypnosis’ to induce volunteers from the audience to do absurd, degrading and demeaning things – in fact, such behaviour is more likely to be play-acting or […]

Hypnosis For Headaches

Hypnosis Treatment For Headaches : Research suggests that if we suffered from significant and protracted childhood trauma we will, as adults, have an increased susceptibility to suffering from headaches and migraines during our adult years. Examples Of Research Studies Showing The Effectiveness Of Hypnosis For The Treatment Of Headaches: 1) A research study conducted by […]

Study Suggesting Meditation More Effective Than Anti-depressants

Image licensed by Shutterstock.   We have already seen that significant childhood trauma is associated with increased risk of depression in adulthood which by no means is always responsive to anti-depressants. A recent research study, carried out jointly by researchers from the University of Exeter and King’s College, University of London, demonstrated that mindfulness meditation […]

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress Related Disorders.

Stress can be defined as the perception that the psychological demands being made upon us exceed our ability to cope with them. It has been well documented that the experience of stress (especially chronic stress) is linked to both physical and psychological disorders. Sometimes, if the stress experienced is very severe, such as in the case of […]

How Hypnosis Alters Brain Activity

A researcher from Stanford University in the United States, David Spiegel, took neuro-images (pictures of brain activity produced from brain scans) of individuals who had been hypnotized in an experiment which analyzed the effects of hypnosis on the physical brain. In the experiment, the hypnotized individuals (who were all volunteers) were instructed by the experimenter to gaze at various […]

Is Hypnosis Real? Evidence From Neuroimaging And Brain Activity.

Is Hypnosis Real? In the past, scientific studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis had to rely upon the verbal reports of those who had undergone hypnosis – in other words, the researchers relied upon the subjective account the person who had been hypnotized gave of his/her experience (which is not an ideal way of accruing scientific […]

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis for Emotional Health.

Self-hypnosis may be achieved by creating one’s own hypnotherapy recordings (e.g on CDs or as MP3s)-  which I shall be explaining how to do well in later posts – or by using hypnotherapy CDs and MP4s which have already been developed by experienced, professional hypnotherapists who are expert in creating them. THE HYPNOTIC STATE – […]

Mindfulness : A Very Effective Technique for Treating Conditions Related to Childhood Trauma

  MINDFULNESS is an exciting technique, its effectiveness supported by much research evidence, which is now becoming very popular as a tool for the treatment of conditions related to childhood trauma, including depression, anxiety, difficulties regulating emotions and borderline personality disorder (BPD). It derives from Buddhist philosophy. The technique teaches people to improve their coping […]

The Use of Hypnosis to Treat Trauma.

The most up-to-date definition of hypnosis is: ‘A state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterised by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion.‘ (Elkins, 2015). Research has shown that hypnosis can be of benefit for individuals suffering from trauma-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hypnosis is not used in […]