BPD Sufferers’ ‘Faster Time Perception Linked To Impulsivity.’

  A study conducted by Berlin et al., 2004, found that individuals suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) appear to perceive the passing of time as faster than non-BPD individuals. The BPD sufferers in the study all self-harmed (an impulsive behaviour). TIME PERCEPTION Participants in the study were asked to estimate how long each of […]

Impulse Control In Early Life : Study Showing Its Vital Importance

  We have already seen that those who suffer such severe, protracted childhood trauma that they go on to develop borderline personality disorder (BPD) have very significant problems regarding self-regulation (i.e, controlling intense emotions) and with IMPULSE CONTROL (along with a wide range of other symptoms). This impaired ability to control impulses, in turn, can […]

BPD, Alcoholism and Impulsivity

  It is not uncommon for alcoholism and borderline personality disorder (BPD) to go hand-in-hand (click here to read my article on the relationship between alcoholism and childhood trauma). Those suffering from both alcoholism and BPD are particularly likely to have problems controlling their impulsivity. The reason for this is the twin effects of alcoholism […]

Childhood Trauma: The Link with Future Gambling.

Childhood Trauma And Gambling Addiction : Research suggests that childhood trauma increases the likelihood of future addictions, including gambling. This gambling may become pathological. The types of childhood trauma that were experienced in pathological gamblers include violence, sexual abuse and loss. For instance, Jacobs (2008) conducted research demonstrating that childhood trauma greatly increased the risk […]