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Healthy Narcissism Versus Unhealthy Narcissism (Kohut’s Theory).

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Basic Needs Of Children And Effect Of Their Denial


If we have suffered significant childhood trauma we will, inevitably, have been denied some of our basic needs. But, what exactly are the basic needs of children, and what is the effect of their absence?

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Structural Dissociation Theory



Structural dissociation theory was developed by Van der Hart, Nijenhuis and Steele (2006).

Essentially, this theory relates to the idea that many of the behaviours that you may feel uncomfortable about, ashamed of, guilty about, or hate are Read the rest

Parenting Styles And Their Potential Effects On Children




The psychologist Edith Dewey, building on ideas originally put forward by the famous psychotherapist and psychiatrist Alfred Adler (1870 – 1937) – who collaborated with Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and is perhaps best known for developing the concept of … Read the rest

Harmful Effects Of Labelling The Child As ‘Bad’.

‘Acting Out’

Many children who have been emotionally hurt and traumatized ‘act out’ their intense feelings of confusion, pain, fear, loneliness, isolation and vulnerability, which are too strong and powerful to contain, by expressing these feelings through negative behaviour such Read the rest

Why Children May Idealize Even Malevolent Parents

Why Children Idealize Their Parents

When people choose to have children, they are essentially creating a being who is biologically programmed to love them.

Children have a natural desire to view their parents positively. They have an intrinsic need (their Read the rest

Controlling And Sociopathic Parents


Controlling and sociopathic parents will tend to see their child as an object/possession to be controlled and exploited according to the needs of that parent.

Sociopaths share certain characteristics which include self-centeredness, lack of empathy, an excessive need for Read the rest

Effects Of Authoritarian Parents



What Are Authoritarian Parents?

Authoritarian parents are strict, endeavour to exercise strong control over their children, may use corporal punishment such as smacking, often raise their voices and shout at their offspring, and oppressively restrict their lives.

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Effects Of ‘Workaholic’ Parents On Children


What Are The Effects Of Workaholic Parents On Children?

‘Workaholism’ can be seen as an obsessive behaviour or an addiction. ‘Workaholics’ tend to base their self-worth on their career success and how much money they earn.

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Dysfunctional Families: Types And Effects


What Is A Dysfunctional Family?

A dysfunctional family is one that has at its core destructive and harmful parenting and a lack of concern for the child. The harmful effects on the child may go completely unacknowledged or be Read the rest

The Effects Of Being Ignored By Parents As A Child.


After my mother threw me out of her house when I was thirteen, I had no choice but to move in with my father and his new wife (and therefore now my stepmother). My father behaved in such a Read the rest

Sadistic-Narcissistic Parents And Their Effects

Sadistic-narcissistic parents need to feel superior to others and maintain power and control over them.

In order to achieve this end, s/he is willing to inflict pain upon others, most frequently emotional and psychological pain, but sometimes physical pain too.Read the rest

Unloving Mothers : Their Effects On Their Children

What Are The Effects Of Unloving Mothers?

The need of the infant for his/her mother’s love is one which is profound and fundamental. If this love is withheld by a cold, unloving mother, or is inconsistent and unreliable, the emotional Read the rest

Parental Alienation Syndrome And Effect Of Divorce On Children

What Is The Effect Of Divorce On Children?

My own parents divorced when I was eight years old. Initially, when my father left, in order to ‘protect’ me (I assume) my mother told me that my father had moved away Read the rest

Parentification: A Closer Look at The Harmful Effects.

I have already touched upon the topic of ‘parentification’ articles but, in this one, wish to examine its possible harmful effects a little more closely.

First, let’s quickly recap what is meant by the term.

What Is Parentification?

Parentification refers Read the rest