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It is now understood that significant emotional abuse and neglect can be at least as damaging to childhood, psychological development as physical and sexual abuse. These concise articles examine the various forms that such emotional abuse (including very subtle forms) and neglect can take, as well as the potentially devastating consequences for the individual affected.

Effects Of Child Abandonment

What Is Child Abandonment? Child abandonment can take two main forms : Literal, physical abandonment (e.g. a mother leaving her baby on a stranger’s doorstep or other place where the baby will be found by a member of the public… Read more

Active And Passive Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse of children (sometimes referred to as psychological abuse) by their parents / primary caregivers can be divided into two types : PASSIVE EMOTIONAL ABUSE ACTIVE EMOTIONAL ABUSE Let’s look at each of these in turn : PASSIVE EMOTIONAL… Read more

Effects Of Passive-Aggressive Parents

Having parents who treat us in a passive-aggressive manner can have an extremely adverse effect upon our mental health; indeed, Scott Wetzler PhD, an expert in these matters, based at Montefiore Medical Center, has said, quite unequivocally, that being on… Read more

Emotional Neglect And Lack Of Love In Childhood May Switch Off Crucial Genes

Emotional Neglect And Epigenetics.   Studies suggest that emotional neglect / emotional deprivation and a lack of warm, affectionate, loving nurture in childhood can, in effect, switch off crucial genes that help us to regulate stress. This is thought to… Read more

3 Core Unmet Needs Underlying Emotional Pain

emotional pain
Core Unmet Needs Many of us who have suffered significant childhood trauma experience intense emotional pain as adults; such pain may present itself as severe anxiety, depression or anger, for example. According to Timulak et al., 2012, three core unmet… Read more

Vast Majority Of Parental Maltreatment Of Children Unacknowledged

Parental Maltreatment Of Children : Except in very extreme cases, such as severe physical abuse, the vast majority of parental mistreatment of children not only goes unreported, but is unacknowledged and, essentially, ignored (although this situation is gradually improving as… Read more

Being Constantly Humiliated By Parents May Damage Brain’s Corpus Callosum

corpus callosum
What Is The Corpus Callosum?   The brain is divided into two halves called the RIGHT HEMISPHERE and the LEFT HEMISPHERE. These two halves are connected by a structure called the CORPUS CALLOSUM. (It is located above the thalamus, underneath… Read more

Divorce : Signs Children Are Being Used As Pawns Or Weapons

children used as pawns in divorce
Introduction : I have already published on this site articles which examine the potentially very psychologically damaging effects that divorce, particularly a  divorce that is acrimonious, can inflict upon the child. My own parents divorced when I was eight years… Read more

Why Psychological Abuse By Parents Can Cause Greater Psychopathology In Children Than Extreme Poverty Or War

Silvano Arieti, in his classic book Interpretations Of Schizophrenia, emphasized the view that it is childhood adverse experiences, such as psychological and emotional abuse by the parents that cause anxiety which hurts the ‘inner self’ are the ones which are… Read more

Early Childhood Trauma : Early Life Neglect Damages Brain

What Is The Corpus Callosum? The brain is divided into two halves called the RIGHT HEMISPHERE and the LEFT HEMISPHERE. These two halves are connected by a structure called the CORPUS CALLOSUM. (It is located above the thalamus, underneath the… Read more

Emotionally Unresponsive Parents

My parents divorced when I was eight and I spent much time between then and the age of thirteen acting as my mother’s ‘psychological counselor.’ As I have written about elsewhere, she even referred to me as her ‘Little Psychiatrist.’… Read more

What Factors Increase Child’s Risk Of Emotional Maltreatment?

  According to the National Incidence Study Of Abuse And Neglect (NIS 4, 2010) children are more likely to be emotionally maltreated if (all else being equal): they live in a household in which there is parental unemployment they live… Read more

Famous People Who Endured Traumatic Childhoods

The following celebrities all suffered significant childhood trauma : NICKI MINAG : She was born in the Caribbean and soon afterwards her parents moved to America leaving Nicki to live with her grandmother. However, at the age of five she… Read more

Controlling And Sociopathic Parents

Controlling and sociopathic parents will tend to see their child as an object/possession to be controlled and exploited according to the needs of that parent. Sociopaths share certain characteristics which include self-centredness, lack of empathy, an excessive need for power… Read more

Emotionally Unstable Parents

The intense and constantly and dramatically fluctuating moods of the emotionally unstable parent permeate and dominate the household and can overwhelm the child, particularly when the intense emotions the parent is expressing are especially destructive ones such as hatred or… Read more