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Concise articles about how severe and protracted childhood trauma can adversely affect physical health (for example, by increasing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body and, also, by increasing the person’s risk of alcoholism, heavy smoking, risky behaviors and suicide), including increasing risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer. Indeed, some studies suggest that the experience of childhood trauma may reduce life-expectancy, on average, by 19 years.

How Childhood Trauma Can Make You Oversensistive To Light, Sound And Touch

Before babies and young children are able to learn through the use of language, they learn through the information they receive through their senses (i.e. taste, touch, smell, sight and sound) and by integrating this information in meaningful ways. The… Read more

Childhood Trauma May Accelerate Ageing Process And Reduce Life Expectancy

  Research conducted by Puterman (University of Columbia, Canada), a specialist in stress and ageing, suggests that those of us who suffered significant trauma and consequential chronic feelings of stress as children may : a) be more prone to disease… Read more

Why Is Physical Illness More Common In PTSD Sufferers?

If we have suffered from significant childhood trauma leading to the development of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in our adult lives this also puts us at increased risk of developing various unpleasant physical symptoms. This is because the trauma… Read more

The Serious Harm Trauma Can Do To Our Nervous System

  Not very long ago, I was in the supermarket, and, as the till assistant was scanning my shopping items, he gave me a quizical look and asked, ‘Are you alright, you seem to be breathing very heavily?’ This was… Read more

How PTSD Can Leave Us Feeling Unremittingly Exhausted.

Many sufferers of PTSD feel constantly exhausted and, in this article, I want to examine the reasons why: Causes of exhaustion in the PTSD sufferer: 1) Disrupted sleep. At my most ill, I was having to retire to bed at… Read more

Possible Adverse Physical Effects of CPTSD

Unfortunately, as well as psychological effects, if we have developed complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) as a result of our childhood experiences (click here to read my article on the difference between PTSD and CPTSD), the condition can also… Read more

Effect of Childhood Trauma on Health Throughout Lifetime – Infographic

Severe childhood trauma leading to serious conditions like borderline personality disorder reduces life expectancy, on average, by 19 years (read my article on this by clicking here). WHAT THE INFOGRAPHIC BELOW SHOWS : Serious trauma affects neurological (brain) development (click… Read more

Physical Symptoms of Stress and How to Reduce Them

  Find resources to reduce stress by clicking banner above. If we have experienced a traumatic childhood, it is frequently the case that our capacity to deal with stress as adults is seriously diminished (click here to read one of… Read more

Adverse Effects on Physical Health of Childhood Trauma

A vast amount of research has been carried out on the potentially devastating psychological impact of childhood trauma upon the individual. Far less, however, has been conducted on such trauma’s effect on physical health (or, as it’s also termed, psychobiological… Read more

How Childhood Trauma Can Reduce Life Expectancy By 19 Years.

  This article aims to briefly explain how childhood trauma can reduce life expectancy by 19 years but, also, why this need not be the case. Childhood trauma clearly puts the child who experiences it under great stress; the more… Read more