Emotional Abuse Anecdotes: The Step-Father With An Alias

This anecdote from real life is the first in the series of Emotional Abuse Anecdotes published on childhoodtraumarecovery.com. Each anecdote in the series is followed by a brief psychological explanation and analysis. The Step-Father With An Alias My parents divorced when I was eight and, after this, my mother dated a number of different men […]

Do People With BPD Divorce More And Remarry Less?

Because some of the hallmarks of borderline personality disorder (a personality disorder closely associated with severe and protracted, interpersonal childhood trauma) are extreme difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships (dramatically fluctuating between idealizing and then demonizing and discarding others) wildly fluctuating emotions, and a tendency to fly into intense rages one might reasonably predict that […]

Divorce : Signs Children Are Being Used As Pawns Or Weapons

Introduction : I have already published on this site articles which examine the potentially very psychologically damaging effects that divorce, particularly a  divorce that is acrimonious, can inflict upon the child. My own parents divorced when I was eight years old, so I do have some personal experience in relation to this subject. When parents […]

Acrimonious Divorces May Damage Children’s Immune Systems

  A study conducted by Murphy et al (2017) suggests that childhood trauma (and, specifically, in this case, the experience, as a child, of having had parents who divorced acrimoniously) can adversely affect the immune system. The study involved 201 ‘normal’ adult participants whose parents had separated during their childhoods. The participants were divided into […]

Parental Alienation Syndrome And Effect Of Divorce On Children

What Is The Effect Of Divorce On Children? My own parents divorced when I was eight years old. Initially, when my father left, in order to ‘protect’ me (I assume) my mother told me that my father had moved away to ‘be nearer work’ (he worked in central London and we lived about twenty miles […]