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Articles about various aspects of depression and how our chances of developing the disorder is significantly amplified if we have been subjected to childhood trauma.

Fifteen Types of Depression.

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On average, and all else being equal, the more traumatic a person’s childhood, the more likely it is that s/he will experience depression at some point in his/her life.

I list below fifteen different categories of depression. A person can fit into more … Read the rest “Fifteen Types of Depression.”

Childhood Trauma And Depression


Hypnosis for Depression – Natural Treatment | Self Hypnosis Downloads : Try Introduction And First Module FREE.

A study conducted at the University of Cambridge in the UK, involving 238 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 years, focused on investigating how GENES AND ENVIRONMENT INTERACT and in what ways this interaction increases or decreases an individual’s chances of Read the rest “Childhood Trauma And Depression”

Childhood Depression: Risk Factors And Why It Is Underdiagnosed.

Undiagnosed Childhood Depression

Whilst there are many similarities between childhood depression and adult depression, there are also some important differences. One such difference is children displaying objectively observable symptoms of depression often deny that they are depressed.

Certainly this was true in my case as a child. For example, I would have felt a deep sense of (completely irrational and Read the rest “Childhood Depression: Risk Factors And Why It Is Underdiagnosed.”

Childhood Depression: Seven Signs (An Infographic).

child signs of depression

My own depression, requiring electroconvulsive shock therapy at several points throughout my adulthood, began (albeit at a lower level of intensity), in my childhood. My symptoms included anger at home, self-harm, frequent crying, tantrums, withdrawal and (to use three of my father’s rather unhelpful words), ‘sullenness’ or, indeed, ‘sulkiness’, not forgetting, of course, ‘moroseness’, together with early use of alcohol.… Read the rest “Childhood Depression: Seven Signs (An Infographic).”

Childhood Trauma and Depression – Somatic Symptoms


We know that the experience of significant childhood trauma makes a person more vulnerable to suffering from clinical depression in later life. Whilst depression usually gives rise to both psychological and somatic (i.e. bodily) symptoms, in this article I intend to focus solely on somatic symptoms.

One such symptom of depression is a constant feeling of extreme fatigue; this, at … Read the rest “Childhood Trauma and Depression – Somatic Symptoms”

Childhood Trauma Leading to Anhedonia (Inability to Experience Pleasure).


There is an established relationship between having experienced trauma as a child and suffering from anhedonia (the inability to experience feelings of pleasure) as an adult.

Anhedonia drains the color from life, rather like seeing a film in high resolution color suddenly fade into a grainy, blurred, black and white. One feels just intense emptiness and a complete blunting of Read the rest “Childhood Trauma Leading to Anhedonia (Inability to Experience Pleasure).”

Childhood Trauma: Food and Nutrition which may Help with Resultant Depression.

depression and nutrition

Due to the side-effects associated with anti-depressants, together with the controversy which surrounds their effectivenes, some individuals prefer to try to treat their depression in more natural ways; in relation to this, many people adjust their intake of nutrients in ways which research suggests may lift their mood. I examine the foods and nutients which may help this goal to … Read the rest “Childhood Trauma: Food and Nutrition which may Help with Resultant Depression.”