Idealization Of Others : A Defense Mechanism Stemming From Childhood Trauma

Within the discipline of psychology, there exists a concept known as ‘splitting’. Splitting refers to a false perception of seeing others as either ‘all good’ or ‘all bad’. During childhood, this is normal. However, it can persist into adulthood, operating Read the rest

Why Betrayal In Childhood May Increase Risk Of Being Revictimised As An Adult


Whilst much research has been conducted suggesting that those of us who were betrayed by parents/primary caregivers in our early life are more likely to mistrust others once we become adults, other research also shows that those of us Read the rest

Panic Attacks and The ‘Suffocation Alarm System.’

I have already written extensively about the connection between the experience of childhood trauma and the consequential development of anxiety disorders later in life.

One type of anxiety disorder that can be particularly incapacitating is called PANIC DISORDER.

Panic disorder Read the rest

Childhood Trauma and ‘Body Memories’.

What Are Body Memories?

When we experience severe trauma our bodies respond accordingly.

For example, the body’s production of ADRENALIN significantly increases, as does its production of CORTISOL (both of these are STRESS HORMONES).

In turn, this leads to bodily Read the rest

Change Your ‘False Self’ To ‘True Self’ With Inner Child Healing

The psychologist and writer, Whitfield, defines our ‘INNER CHILD’ as: ‘the ultimately alive, energetic, receptive, creative and fulfilled’ part of our psyche. Other psychologists have also written about this aspect of ourselves; for example, the psychotherapist and writer, Alice Miller, Read the rest

What Physical Harm Can Complex PTSD Cause?


Unfortunately, as well as psychological effects, if we have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) as a result of our childhood experiences (click here to read my article on the difference between PTSD and CPTSD), the condition Read the rest

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