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Shame Caused By Childhood Trauma, How We Try To Repress It And Health Effects


Effects Of Repressed Shame :

We have seen in other articles published on this site that if we have experienced significant childhood trauma we may, as adults, develop profound feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, self-hatred, rock-bottom self-esteem, feelings of being Read the rest

How Trauma Can Profoundly Alter Our Worldview


Severe and protracted trauma, as we have seen, can lead to the development of complex PTSD. Often, however, this does not become clearly apparent until some way into adulthood, by which time compounding stressors have pushed us ‘over Read the rest

Do You Feel You Got Psychologically ‘Stuck’ At The Time Of Your Trauma?

If we experienced significant trauma in the past we may find we became intensely, psychologically caught up in it, and it retains such a mental hold over us, that it now feels we are almost ‘trapped in time’,¬†unable Read the rest

Identity Problems And Their Link To Childhood Trauma


How are identity problems linked to childhood trauma?

Our identity (ie how we define ourselves) is based upon our beliefs, values, memories, behaviours and how we go about living our lives in general. It comprises, for example, our likes Read the rest

Unconscious Processes : How Our Past Affects Our Present.


Our past experiences, in particular our childhood experiences, create in our brains unconscious processes that affect our present.

This idea is based upon various sub-types of psychoanalytic theory. These include:

1) Freudian theory

2) Ego psychology

3) Object relations Read the rest

Erotomania: Its Origins In Childhood Trauma


de_clerambaults_syndromeErotomania is also sometimes known as de Clerambault’s Syndrome and refers to a psychotic delusion held by the person suffering from it that someone else is deeply in love with them. This ‘someone else’ usually has an elevated social Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And ADHD : Is PTSD Being Misdiagnosed As ADHD?


IMPORTANT NOTE: This article considers the possible link between childhood trauma and ADHD. However, to clear up any possible misinterpretation of this article, it is important to state at the outset that ADHD is undoubtedly a genuine disorder and Read the rest

Overcoming Emotional Numbness : Recognition Of The Root Cause

Inevitably, a sense of loss accompanies the experience of childhood trauma, which, in turn, can manifest itself by leaving us with a constant feeling of EMOTIONAL NUMBNESS.

Whilst highly unpleasant, the feeling of emotional numbness is, essentially, a psychological defence Read the rest

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Complex PTSD?


The Unique Features of Complex PTSD

Complex PTSD:

There has been some controversy regarding the difference between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex PTSD amongst researchers.

During the early 1990s, the psychologist Judith Herman noted that individuals who had suffered severe, long-lasting, interpersonal trauma, ESPECIALLY Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And Memory – Why Some Remember, Others Forget


As humans, we have a natural, psychological defence mechanism which allows us to disconnect our conscious awareness from experiences which would be too emotionally disturbing for us to allow them access to our consciousness. This process is termed ‘Read the rest

Always ‘Zoning Out’? : Dissociative Disorder Explained.


Zone Out A Lot?

Those of us who experienced significant childhood trauma are at a far higher risk of developing the psychiatric condition known as DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER in adulthood than are the rest of the population.

Unfortunately, however, it Read the rest

Insomnia More Common in Childhood Trauma Survivors



I have already published on this site a great many articles about how those of us who have suffered significant childhood trauma are at considerably higher risk of suffering from psychiatric conditions, as adults than average. One such Read the rest

Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn? Trauma Responses

Most of us are already familiar with the concept of the ‘fight or flight’ response to perceived danger, namely that when presented with a threat our bodies respond by preparing us to fight against it or run from it. This Read the rest

Childhood Trauma, BPD, Carl Jung and ‘The Peter Pan Syndrome.’




What Is Peter Pan Syndrome?

First, it should be stated that the so-called ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ is not an official psychiatric term and will not be found in the DSM (diagnostic statistical manual). However, many psychologists find it Read the rest

Recovery of Repressed or Buried Memories of Abuse


There has been a long-standing debate about the reliability of recovered memories of trauma and abuse.

The psychologist Loftus draws our attention to the distinction between Type I and Type II traumas. Type I traumas relate to a single Read the rest