Right Brain Therapy : Benefits For Trauma Survivors


How Useful Is Right Brain Therapy For Trauma Survivors?

Why is it that right brain therapy may be more appropriate for trauma survivors as opposed to therapies that concentrate largely upon the left brain?

Right Brain And How We

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Brain Areas That May Be Adversely Affected By Childhood Trauma




If we have been unfortunate enough to have been subjected to severe and chronic childhood trauma, it is possible that this adversely affected how our brain physically developed during our early life.

And, if we have been Read the rest

Ways In Which Childhood Trauma Can Adversely Affect Learning

We know that severe and protracted childhood trauma can give rise to toxic stress that, over time, can harm the physical development of various brain regions such as the amygdala,

This can result in conditions such as complex PTSD orRead the rest

Brains Of Children Exposed To Domestic Violence Affected In Similar Way To Exposure To Combat


A study carried out at University College London (UCL) has found that when a child is continually exposed to domestic violence, such as the father regularly beating the mother, their brains are negatively affected in a similar way to Read the rest

Harmful Effects of Poverty on Early Brain Development

Poverty And Brain Development

A great many studies have now been conducted which show that those who grow up in poverty run the risk of the physical development of their brains being harmed, resulting in a negative impact on

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