What Types Of Trauma Cause The Greatest Psychological Damage To A person?

Whether or not an event is ‘traumatic’ depends upon the individual’s subjective experience. What one individual may find traumatizing, another may not. Furthermore, two individuals traumatized by the same event/experience may be traumatized by different aspects of the experience as well as in different ways. If a person is traumatized by an excessively stressful event […]

Does Betrayal Trauma Increase Risk Of ADHD?

  Betrayal trauma is a term which comes from betrayal trauma theory which was developed by Freyd (1994). Essentially, an individual may experience betrayal trauma when betrayed by a person to whom s/he is very close and upon whom the individual depends for their safety, security and survival and with whom there had been a […]

Trauma Involving Betrayal More Likely To Lead To BPD And PTSD

We have seen from numerous other articles that I have published on this site that those of us who experienced severe and protracted childhood trauma are at a highly increased risk of being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and/or PTSD in adulthood than the average person. However, research suggests that trauma involving a high degree […]

Betrayal Trauma Theory And ‘Betrayal Blindness’.

As Bowlby emphasized, the child is profoundly dependent upon a reliable and secure attachment with his/her parent/primary carer for his/her physical and psychological health; indeed, throughout human evolutionary history, such a protective relationship has been crucial to the child’s chances of survival A child is at risk of being severely traumatized when the parent or […]