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Concise articles about how childhood trauma is linked to the development of various anxiety disorders, including : generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), complex postraumatic stress disorder (complex PTSD), health anxiety and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

Effects Of Unpredictable Stress

Many children who grow up in dysfunctional family homes find themselves living in a state of hypervigilance, never knowing how their parents are going to respond to them at any given time (for example, this is often the case in… Read more

Childhood Trauma And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Several of the articles on this site have already examined the link between childhood trauma and anxiety. In this article, I want to consider one specific anxiety based disorder known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When a person has this disorder,… Read more

How Childhood Trauma Can Make Us Constantly Hypervigilant

What Is Meant By Hypervigilance? A person who is hypervigilant feels constantly ‘on edge’ , ‘keyed up’ and fearful. S/he experiences a perpetual sense of dread and of being under threat despite the fact, objectively speaking, there is no present… Read more

Health Anxiety : Its Link To Childhood Trauma

We have already seen that, all else being equal, an individual who suffers significant childhood trauma is at greater risk than average of developing an anxiety disorder in adulthood. In this article, I will look specifically at health anxiety and… Read more

Childhood Trauma Leading To Social Isolation As Adult

Childhood Trauma And Social Isolation: If, as a result of our childhood trauma, we develop, in adulthood, mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder or complex post traumatic stress disorder, we are at greater risk than average of… Read more

Does Trying To Relax Paradoxically Increase Your Anxiety?

Paradoxically, trying to relax can actually make some people feel more anxious and stressed, not less. When I was extremely ill and in hospital (I was hospitalized on several occasions due to the seriousness of my condition), I was encouraged… Read more

Hypnosis For Simple Phobias

Research shows that those who suffered significant trauma as children are at elevated risk of developing anxiety conditions as adults; simple phobias are one (amongst many) expression of such anxiety. A simple phobia is an irrational fear of a single… Read more

Why We May Severely Over-react To Minor Stressors.

We have seen from previous articles that I have posted on this site that, if we suffered chronic stress during our childhood, our ability to deal with stress as adults can be drastically diminished, making it difficult to cope with… Read more

Anxiety : Personality Characteristics Which May Intensify It.

We have seen from several articles that I have already published on this site that if we have suffered significant childhood trauma we are at increased risk of suffering from crippling anxiety conditions in our adult lives. Such anxiety conditions,… Read more

Childhood Trauma Leading To Compulsive Skin Picking

Stop Skin Picking As a child, from the age of about ten, my brother ( three years older than me) never called me by my name, but always referred to me as ‘Scabby’ or ‘The Scab’. When, at age and… Read more

Insecure As Child? Were You Suffering From Separation Anxiety?

  Separation Anxiety And The Insecure Child When I was twelve years old I went on a French exchange with my school. This involved me staying with a French family for a fortnight. Although they were all perfectly nice people… Read more

Ten Methods For Reducing Anxiety

As  I explain elsewhere on this site, those of us who have experienced significant childhood trauma are more likely to suffer from anxiety as adults than those who were spared such adverse experience (all else being equal). Severe anxiety is… Read more

Physical Brain Differences In Those Who Suffer Severe Anxiety.

Research suggests that those who suffer from severe anxiety conditions have brains which are different in terms of structure, chemistry and biology compared to the brains of those individuals who are fortunate enough not to suffer from such a debilitating… Read more

Is Your Anxiety Caused By Hyperventilation? A Look At The Science.

Hyperventilation (deriving from HYPER = TOO MUCH and VENTILATION = AIR MOVEMENT) refers to a type of breathing which is too deep and too rapid. Such breathing results in : 1) too much oxygen and 2) too little carbon dioxide… Read more

Fifteen Ways To Overcome Anxiety

I have written extensively on this site about how a traumatic childhood can greatly increase our chances of suffering from anxiety as adults (along, of course, with many other conditions – click here for infographics relating to this). I myself… Read more