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  Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)  Anger and Rage As we have seen from numerous other articles that I have published on this site, those who suffered significant and chronic childhood trauma are at much increased risk of developing borderline personality… Read more

Posttraumatic Growth : The Importance Of Relationships And Social Support

INTRODUCTION : Human beings are naturally social animals and it is a basic and fundamental instinct for us to try to bond, connect and form attachments with others; the benefits we may gain from such relationships to others when we… Read more

Effects Of Repressed Anger Towards Parents

What Are The Effects Of Repressed Anger Towards Parents? If our parent/s caused us significant psychological suffering when we were growing up, we may have built up a great deal of anger towards them, but we may, too, have repressed… Read more

Chronic Resentment (And How To Channel Anger Positively).

  Violence in movies and on the small screen is, in case you hadn’t noticed, ubiquitous. Indeed, violent films can gross several hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. Why are such films so popular? One theory is… Read more

Anger And ‘Thinking Errors’ (Cognitive Distortions).

I have already written several articles which have been published on this site about how certain types of childhood trauma can make it more likely we will develop difficulties with controlling our anger as adults (click here to read one… Read more

Childhood Trauma : Dealing with Moodiness and Anger

  Those of us who have suffered significant childhood trauma often find, in both adolescence and adulthood, that we are full of rage and have great difficulties controlling our feelings of anger. Reasons for this include the conscious or unconscious… Read more

Anger Resulting from Childhood Trauma. Part 1.

Anger is not a bad thing, if it is APPROPRIATELY EXPRESSED. Expressing it inappropriately will usually get us nowhere and can badly back-fire. However, its appropriate expression is often most effective. As we begin to realize that what was done … Read more