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David Hosier MSc holds two degrees (BSc Hons and MSc) and a post-graduate diploma in education (all three qualifications are in psychology). He also holds UK QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). He has worked as a teacher, lecturer and researcher. His own experiences of severe childhood trauma and its emotional fallout motivated him to set up this website,, for which he exclusively writes articles.

He has published several books including The Link Between Childhood Trauma And Borderline Personality Disorder, The Link Between Childhood Trauma ANd Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and  How Childhood Trauma Can Damage The Developing Brain (And How These Effects Can Be Reversed).

He was educated at the University of London, Goldsmith’s College where he developed his interest in childhood experiences leading to psychopathology and wrote his thesis on the effects of childhood depression on academic performance.

This site has been created for educational purposes only.

ADHD And Its Link To Childhood Trauma And A Negative Thinking Bias


Childhood Trauma, Stress And ADHD:

There is increasing evidence derived from research studies that ADHD is linked to psychosocial stress, particularly childhood trauma which has been established as a major factor putting the child at increased risk of developing Read the rest

Which Factors Of The ‘5 Factor Model Of Personality’ Predict BPD?



The diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is predicated upon the notion that those who suffer from it have aspects of their personalities which are problematic, self-defeating and dysfunctional so, in the first instance, it is useful to Read the rest

Why Childhood Trauma Sufferers Can’t ‘Just Get Over It.’

If we have been unfortunate enough to have suffered severe and protracted childhood trauma and have, as a result, developed emotional and behavioural problems (which, in some cases may have led to diagnoses of borderline personality disorder or complex posttraumatic Read the rest

Abnormal Brain Chemistry In BPD Sufferers And Its Effect On Behaviour.

Abnormal Brain Chemistry In BPD Sufferers And Its Effect On Behaviour.

Various research studies have provided evidence to suggest that borderline personality disorder (BPD) sufferers may have abnormal levels of the following brain chemicals (also called neurotransmitters), blood fats and Read the rest

Useful Links For Recovery From Childhood Trauma


Below is a list of useful links to help recovery from childhood trauma:

Behavioral Tech : A Linehan Institute Training Company.

Here you can learn about scientifically validated treatments for complex and severe mental illness.

NCTSN The National Child Read the rest

Divorce In Adulthood Linked To Childhood Relationship With Parents

According to Shaver’s research, which is based upon Bowlby’s attachment theory but extends it into the realms of adult romantic relationships, the type of relationship we had with our primary carer (usually the mother) in terms of the quality of Read the rest

BPD And The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is a complex network of nerves that interconnect :

  • the hypothalamus
  • the pituitary gland
  • the adrenal glands

What are the functions of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal glands?

Their functions are as follows :

  1. The
Read the rest

Traumatic Victimization In Childhood And The ‘Cascade Of Impairment.’

We have already seen from numerous other articles that I have published on this site that if, as children, we experienced traumatic victimization, particularly chronic victimization (e.g. physical abuse or being exposed to domestic violence) by a parent or Read the rest

BPD And Resolving Conflict With Others

BPD And Resolving Conflict With Others

If we suffered severe and chronic childhood trauma, particularly if, as a result, we have gone on to develop borderline personality disorder, it is likely that, without appropriate therapy, we frequently find ourselves Read the rest

Symptoms Of Trauma And Their Link To ‘Energy Trapped In The Body.’

According to Dr Peter Levine, symptoms of trauma may be explained by ‘energy trapped in the body,’ and, as a direct result of his theory, he has developed a therapy known as SOMATIC EXPERIENCING THERAPY.


How Childhood Trauma Is Linked To ‘Personality Disintegration’

We have seen in numerous other articles that I have published on this site that if we suffered severe and protracted trauma during childhood we are at significantly increased risk, as adults, as being diagnosed with extremely serious psychiatric conditions Read the rest

How We Develop A Depressive Thinking Style As Children : The 3P Theory.

According to Martin Seligman, an expert in Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the main processes by which we develop a depressive thinking style as children is by a tendency to explain negative events as :

Read the rest

Childhood Trauma, Social Anxiety And The Spotlight Effect

I have written elsewhere on this website about how, if we experienced significant and protracted childhood trauma, we are at increased risk of developing social anxiety in adulthood. This is especially the case if we have been constantly criticized Read the rest

Transgenerational Trauma : How Effects Of Trauma Are Passed Down Generations

Those who experience severe trauma (including, of course, childhood trauma) and develop significant and chronic symptoms as a result (e.g. alcoholism, drug abuse or severe psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, complex PTSD and PTSD) may, in turn, traumatize their Read the rest

BPD, The Love-Hate Relationship And Neuroscience

BPD, The Love-Hate Relationship And Neuroscience

We have seen from several other articles that I have published on this site that one of the hallmarks of borderline personality disorder is the tendency of sufferers of this devastating psychiatric condition to Read the rest