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Sensory Dysregulation Resulting From Childhood Trauma

What Is Sensory Dysregulation?

Sensory dysregulation is a syndrome that impairs an individual’s ability to receive and appropriately respond to information sent to the brain via the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

Sensory dysregulation is also sometimes referred to as sensory processing disorder or as sensory integration dysfunction but is not, at the time of writing, … Read the rest “Sensory Dysregulation Resulting From Childhood Trauma”

Neurofeedback And Reducing Activity In Brain’s Fear Circuitry.

It is becoming increasingly recognized that overactivity in the brain’s fear circuitry may be of fundamental relevance to not only complex-PTSD and PTSD, but to many other psychiatric disorders as well and it clearly follows, therefore, that damping down the over-intensity of neuronal firing in this part of the brain may be key to effective therapy for the treatment of … Read the rest “Neurofeedback And Reducing Activity In Brain’s Fear Circuitry.”

Childhood Trauma, Inflammation, The Immune System And Severe Adult Health Implications.

A study conducted in New Zealand, involving 1,037 children, assessed these young people according to :

  • the degree to which they had suffered maltreatment as children
  • which socio-economic group they belonged
  • the extent to which they had suffered social isolation

Thirty years after this assessment had been made, the same individuals were assessed again, in a follow-up study, in order … Read the rest “Childhood Trauma, Inflammation, The Immune System And Severe Adult Health Implications.”

Does EFT Help Alleviate PTSD?

EFT stands for the emotional freedom technique and is used to treat sufferers of various disorders, including PTSD (complex posttraumatic stress disorder) and complex PTSD (and, in this article, I will be looking at its effectiveness in relation to these two disorders).


EFT is also sometimes referred to as tapping for the simple reason that it involves using … Read the rest “Does EFT Help Alleviate PTSD?”

Reducing Anxiety By Calming The Amygdala

We have seen from other articles published on this site that severe and protracted childhood trauma, resulting in the child being frequently subjected to extreme stress, can damage the development of the part of the brain known as the amygdala, which is intimately involved in generating feelings of fear and anxiety.

Indeed, in individuals who have experienced such serious childhood … Read the rest “Reducing Anxiety By Calming The Amygdala”

New eBook On Childhood Trauma And The Brain.

My new eBook, available for immediate download, was published in January 2019. See below for details or click here (United Kingdom) or here (United States) to view on Amazon.

Book Description :

Sadly, severe childhood trauma can actually physically affect brain development which can adversely affect how we feel and behave for years, or decades afterwards. Fortunately, however, due to … Read the rest “New eBook On Childhood Trauma And The Brain.”

Depression : Anger Towards Parents Turned Inward?

The idea that depression is the result of our anger towards others (such as our parents) who have hurt and betrayed being turned inwards towards ourselves is usually thought to originate from the theories of Sigmund Freud, 1856 -1939 (who discussed the concept in his paper entitled ‘Mourning And Melancholia‘), although it is more likely to derive from … Read the rest “Depression : Anger Towards Parents Turned Inward?”