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Childhood Trauma and Depression – Somatic Symptoms

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Overcoming Emotional Numbness : Recognition Of The Root Cause

Inevitably, a sense of loss accompanies the experience of childhood trauma, which, in turn, can manifest itself by leaving us with a constant feeling of EMOTIONAL NUMBNESS.

Whilst highly unpleasant, the feeling of emotional numbness is, essentially, a psychological defence Read the rest

What Physical Harm Can Complex PTSD Cause?


Unfortunately, as well as psychological effects, if we have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) as a result of our childhood experiences (click here to read my article on the difference between PTSD and CPTSD), the condition Read the rest

Childhood Trauma Leading to Development of Negative Schema

What Are Schema?

The term ‘schema‘ refers to the fundamental beliefs and feelings we have about ourselves, others, and the world in general – together with how these interact. They are very deep-rooted and enduring.

We develop our Read the rest

Controlling Parent : Their Effects On Children


Controlling parents inappropriately impose their own will on their child which, when excessive, can deprive him/her of developing his/her own sense of identity and prevent him/her behaving in an authentic manner.

They may also demand an unhealthy display of Read the rest

Childhood Trauma : The ‘Silent Treatment’.

Silence can be as vindictive as speech. Anon.

My mother was the master, or, in her case, the mistress, of this technique. She would retreat into menacing and ominous non-communication so that a black atmosphere, a harbinger of doom, permeated Read the rest

Often In A ‘Trance’? Tonic Immobility: A Response To Childhood Trauma

What Is The Tonic Immobility Response?

Our stress responses are the legacy of millions of years of evolution – evolution turns us (and all living courses) into ‘survival machines’ and our stress response (when working correctly) is a vital element Read the rest

Childhood Trauma Leading to The Inability to Trust


Do You Have An Inability To Trust?

One of the most harmful legacies of childhood trauma is the survivor’s incapacity to develop trust in others.

When we were children, in the face of abuse, we felt powerless. This may Read the rest

Can’t Control Impulses? Impulse Control Activities For Adults.

Can’t Control Impulses? Impulse Control Activities For Adults.

Do You Find It Hard To Control Impulsive Behavior?

If we have suffered severe childhood trauma which has led us to develop borderline personality disorder/BPD (click here to read my article Read the rest

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Complex PTSD?

Complex PTSD:

There has been some controversy regarding the difference between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex PTSD amongst researchers.

During the early 1990s, the psychologist Judith Herman noted that individuals who had suffered severe, long-lasting, interpersonal trauma, ESPECIALLY IN Read the rest

Domestic Violence And Its Direct And Indirect Effect On Children



Domestic violence can affect children in two ways: DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY. Let’s look at each of these two categories:


–  the violence is DELIBERATELY aimed at the child with the INTENTION of causing him/her harm

INDIRECTLY Read the rest

BPD and ‘Clinging’ Dependency


BPD and ‘Clinging’ Dependency

An individual suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) typically finds it extremely difficult to judge the appropriate emotional distance/closeness s/he should keep with those with whom s/he interacts.

This can be very confusing indeed for Read the rest

Neuroplasticity : 3 Ways Brain Can Physically Recover From Trauma


I have previously written articles on how early life trauma can adversely affect the physical development of the brain leading to, for example, psychological difficulties in adulthood such as finding it hard to control our Read the rest

Childhood Trauma And Memory – Why Some Remember, Others Forget

As humans, we have a natural, psychological defence mechanism which allows us to disconnect our conscious awareness from experiences which would be too emotionally disturbing for us to allow them access to our consciousness. This process is termed ‘DISSOCIATIONRead the rest

Dysfunctional Parenting Leading to Pathological Sibling Rivalry

Research suggests that certain types of a dysfunctional family (click here to read my article on ‘scapegoating’ in dysfunctional families) can give rise to pathological sibling rivalry and sibling abuse (the term ‘sibling abuse’ refers to a situation in Read the rest