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Useful Links For Recovery From Childhood Trauma – Childhood Trauma Recovery

Useful Links For Recovery From Childhood Trauma

Below is a list of useful links to help recovery from childhood trauma:

Behavioral Tech : A Linehan Institute Training Company.

Here you can learn about scientifically validated treatments for complex and severe mental illness.

NCTSN The National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) provides children and families who experience or witness traumatic events access to services and works to increase the standard of care offered by such services.

ISTSS International Society For Traumatic Stress Studies.

This organization promotes the advancement and exchange of knowledge about traumatic stress including the consequences of experiencing trauma, treating these consequences and prevention of traumatic events.

NAPAC The National Association For People Abused In Childhood.

Offers support to survivors of child abuse, as well as to their friends and families.

MIND (Complex PTSD)

One of the U.K.’s leading mental health charities explains PTSD and complex-PTSD, including possible causes and ways to obtain support and treatment.

NHS (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Information from U.K.’s National Health Service about borderline personality disorder (BPD) including possible causes and treatments. (Leading Trauma Expert)

Bessel van der Kolk is one of the world’s top experts on the effects of trauma on children and adults and, according to his website, he has a special interest in the physiological effects of trauma and the importance of stabilizing these effects in treatment as well as of increasing executive function and of increasing individuals’ feelings of alertness and of living in the ‘here and now.’ Specific treatments of interest to Bessel van der Kolk include EMDR, yoga and neurofeedback.

Alice Miller (Expert On Child Abuse And Mistreatment)

Alice Miller (!923-2010) was a leading world expert on the effects of maltreatment of children and was the author of 13 books translated into 30 languages.

Official Website Of R.D. Laing

The official website of R.D. Laing refers to him as a ‘controversial figure‘ and ‘hero to the counter-culture movement of the 1960s’ as well as a ‘pioneering humanitarian whose works displayed an authentic existential understanding of psychosis.’ (Somatic Experiencing)

Somatic Experiencing is a therapy developed by Dr Peter Levine which focuses on the body in its approach to healing the adverse effects of trauma and aims to alleviate the condition of those who are ‘stuck’ in the ‘fight / flight / freeze’ response and to reduce or eliminate associated symptoms.

MN Trauma Project

The main aim of this project is to increase public awareness of the effects of trauma.

The Blue Knot Foundation

This organization is committed to empowering recovery and increasing resilience of those affected by complex trauma.

Australian BPD Foundation Limited

Support and advocate services for those suffering from BPD who live in Australia. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on this site, I may earn an affiliate commission.

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