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Main Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms :

Recent research has led to an expansion of the description of the main borderline personality disorder (BPD) symptoms. Following the development of the Sheldern Western Assessment Procedure 200 (an assessment tool which includes 200 questions that aid in the diagnosis of BPD) experts, based on up-to-date research, have now developed a much more detailed and comprehensive list of symptoms of BPD than used to be the case.

The list is published in a book by Patrick Kelly and Francis Mondimore -called Borderline Personality DisorderNew Reasons For Hope – who are experts in the field of BPD. I reproduce the list of symptoms in full below:

FULL OF PAINFUL AND UNCOMFORTABLE EMOTIONS: unhappiness, depression, despondency, anxiety, anger, hostility.

INABILITY TO REGULATE EMOTIONS: emotions change rapidly and unpredictably; emotions tend to spiral out of control leading to extremes in feelings of anxiety, sadness, rage, excitement; inability to self-soothe when distressed so requires the involvement of others; tends to catastrophize and see problems as unsolvable disasters; tends to become irrational when emotions stirred up which can lead to a drop in the normal level of functioning; tends to act impulsively without regard for the consequences

BECOMES EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO OTHERS QUICKLY AND INTENSELY: develops feelings and expectations of others not warranted by history or context of the relationship; expects to be abandoned by those s/he is emotionally close to; feels misunderstood, mistreated and victimized; simultaneously needy and rejecting of others (craves intimacy and caring but tends to reject it when it is offered); interpersonal relationships unstable, chaotic and rapidly changing.

DAMAGED SENSE OF SELF: lacks stable self-image; attitudes, values, goals and feelings about self may be unstable and changing; feels inadequate, inferior and like a failure; feels empty; feels helpless, powerless and at mercy of outside forces; feels like an outsider who does not belong; overly needy and dependent; needs excessive reassurance and approval.


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David Hosier BSc Hons; MSc; PGDE(FAHE).

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