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Childhood Trauma Recovery – Effects Of Childhood Interpersonal Trauma And Related Topics

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4 Types Of Borderline Mother : Witch, Hermit, Waif And Queen. More stats 4,477
Home page / Archives More stats 3,286
Childhood Trauma, The Shame Loop And Defenses Against Shame More stats 1,928
Pathological Lying : Its Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 1,746
Are You The Family Symptom Bearer But Also Truth Teller? More stats 1,611
The Long-Term Effects of Parental Rejection More stats 1,432
The Manipulative Parent More stats 1,392
Signs An Adult Was Abused As A Child More stats 1,289
Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn? Trauma Responses More stats 1,135
Emotional Torture? When Parents Put Kids in a Psychological Double-Bind. More stats 1,082
Sadistic-Narcissistic Parents And Their Effects More stats 1,056
Child Trauma, Arrested Psychological Development and Age Regression More stats 1,007
8 Dysfunctional Roles Within The Dysfunctional Family More stats 876
Childhood Trauma And Memory – Why Some Remember, Others Forget More stats 855
Hypervigilance And Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Complex PTSD). More stats 829
Are You Addicted To Love? Four Types Of Love Addict More stats 770
Complex PTSD And ‘A Sense Of A Foreshortened Future.’ More stats 743
Betrayal By Parents : Long-term Effects. More stats 739
Effects Of Repressed Anger Towards Parents More stats 734
Childhood Trauma : The ‘Silent Treatment’. More stats 730
Childhood Trauma : Defense Mechanisms Resulting from Stress. More stats 653
Three Types Of Flashback: Visual, Somatic And Emotional More stats 626
Dysfunctional Families: Types And Effects More stats 608
Childhood Trauma : Abuse Between Siblings More stats 601
Always ‘Zoning Out’? : Dissociative Disorder Explained. More stats 578
Is Hypnosis Real? Evidence From Neuroimaging And Brain Activity. More stats 525
Why Complex PTSD Sufferers May Avoid Eye Contact More stats 462
Does Your Personality Feel ‘Fragmented’? More stats 457
Parentification: A Closer Look at The Harmful Effects. More stats 455
The Dysfunctional Family’s Scapegoat And Disenfranchised Grief More stats 451
Childhood Trauma : Reactions to Trauma According to Age More stats 450
Twelve Examples Of Traumatic Childhood Experiences More stats 436
Do You Feel You Got Psychologically ‘Stuck’ At The Time Of Your Trauma? More stats 436
Effects Of ‘Workaholic’ Parents On Children More stats 414
Intellectualization as a Defense Mechanism Following Childhood Trauma More stats 382
Why Some Parents Can’t Love Their Children More stats 380
Childhood Fame : The Downside And Cost Of Fame More stats 377
Childhood Trauma Leading to Self-Hatred and Intense Self-Criticism More stats 374
Dismissive Parents : Effects Of Being Largely Ignored As A Child More stats 371
The Search For Mother Or Father Figures Resulting From Childhood Trauma More stats 363
Emotionally Immature Parents : Effects On Their Children. More stats 360
Depression : Anger Towards Parents Turned Inward? More stats 359
Unloving Mothers : Their Effects On Their Children More stats 358
Possible Childhood Characteristics of Future Serial Killers More stats 354
Enabling Fathers And Narcissistic Mothers More stats 340
The Effects Of Being Ignored By Parents As A Child. More stats 327
Controlling Parents: Their Effects On Children More stats 321
Are Adult Borderline Personality Disorder Sufferers Eternal 13-Year-Olds? More stats 318
What Types Of Trauma Cause The Greatest Psychological Damage To A person? More stats 313
Childhood Trauma And ADHD : Is PTSD Being Misdiagnosed As ADHD? More stats 313
Did Kurt Cobain Suffer From Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? More stats 309
Borderline Personality Disorder And Psychosis More stats 301
Structural Dissociation Theory More stats 296
Controlling And Sociopathic Parents More stats 294
A Shattered Sense Of Self Due To Childhood Trauma More stats 289
Why Parents May Ignore Their Child’s Mental Illness More stats 284
Feel Constantly ‘Numbed Out’? Polyvagal Informed Therapy May Help More stats 282
Childhood Trauma Leading to Excessive Need for Approval. More stats 275
Childhood Rejection Leading To Possessive Behavior In Adult Relationships More stats 269
Effects Of Adolf Hitler’s Childhood More stats 268
When ‘Survival Brain’ Replaces ‘Learning Brain’ Due To Childhood Trauma More stats 266
Childhood Trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Dissociation. More stats 265
Factors That Make Complex PTSD More Severe More stats 261
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) – Four Subtypes More stats 246
The Pattern Of The Relationship With The Sociopathic Mother More stats 245
The Vital Importance Of Having Our Traumatic Experiences Validated. More stats 230
Childhood Trauma: Identity Problems and How to Tackle Them. More stats 226
Being Traumatized ‘Like Having Foot On Brake And Gas At Same Time.’ More stats 217
Overcoming Guilt Caused by Childhood Trauma More stats 217
Borderline Personality Disorder And Childhood Trauma More stats 208
Trauma Release Exercises For Effects Of Childhood Trauma More stats 204
Why A ‘Love-Hate’ Relationship Develops Between The Abusive Parent And The Child More stats 201
What Is The Difference Between Flashbacks And Intrusive Memories? More stats 200
Peter Pan Syndrome And Childhood Trauma More stats 195
Obsessive Love Resulting From Dysfunctional Childhood. More stats 192
Is Your Predominant Response To Trauma Flooding Or Dissociation? More stats 191
Did Your Dysfunctional Family Make You The ‘Identified Patient’? More stats 190
‘Top-Down’ And ‘Bottom-Up’ Ways Of Treating Childhood Trauma. More stats 189
False Core Beliefs : Their Childhood Roots More stats 188
Why We Must Stop Blaming Ourselves For Our Mistreatment. More stats 187
Idealization Of Others : A Defense Mechanism Stemming From Childhood Trauma More stats 180
Anger Resulting from Childhood Trauma More stats 178
Divorce : Signs Children Are Being Used As Pawns Or Weapons More stats 176
Unwanted: Effects Of Being Born To A Mother Denied Abortion. More stats 175
Ego State Therapy (Parts Work) For Treatment Of Complex PTSD More stats 172
Childhood Trauma: The Five Main Personality Disorders. More stats 172
Active And Passive Emotional Abuse More stats 171
Is Your Chronic Pain Linked To Muscle Armouring? More stats 166
Childhood Trauma : Kurt Cobain’s Childhood More stats 164
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde: Do BPD Sufferers Have A ‘Split Personality’? More stats 163
Why Children May Idealize Even Malevolent Parents More stats 163
Effects Of Authoritarian Parents More stats 159
Unable To Control Emotions? ‘Amygdala Hijack’ And BPD More stats 155
Childhood Trauma Leading to Development of Negative Schema More stats 149
What Is The Difference Between Repression And Dissociation? More stats 145
Desperation To Escape Mental Anguish Caused By Childhood Trauma More stats 142
Childhood Emotional Neglect And Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD) More stats 142
What Is The Difference Between PTSD And Complex PTSD? More stats 141
Childhood Trauma And ‘Shattered Assumptions’ Theory More stats 140
Feel Permanently, Emotionally Numb? The Possible Roots In Childhood Trauma. More stats 140
Narcissistic Personality Disorder : Its Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 135
How Many ACEs Did You Experience? Take The ACE Test. More stats 130
Childhood Trauma Linked to Homosexuality More stats 129
Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) And Childhood Trauma More stats 129
Brain Areas That May Be Adversely Affected By Childhood Trauma More stats 123
Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs, Posttraumatic Growth And Achieving ‘Self-Actualization’ More stats 120
Social Learning Theory And Childhood Maltreatment. More stats 120
Indirect Abuse: Effects On Children Of Witnessing Domestic Violence. More stats 116
Hadephobia – The Irrational Fear of Hell Usually Stems From Childhood. More stats 115
Childhood Trauma: Its Relationship to Psychopathy. More stats 112
What Are ‘Body Memories’ And How Are They Reactivated? More stats 107
Childhood Trauma : Coping with Rejection. More stats 107
Childhood Trauma : Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD). More stats 106
Free eBook About The Effects Of Childhood Trauma More stats 106
Why BPD Sufferers Find It Hard To Change : BPD And Rigid Thinking More stats 105
Odd, Quasi-Psychotic And True Psychotic Thinking In BPD Sufferers More stats 105
Childhood Trauma : Three Key Stages of Recovery. More stats 104
The Effects Of Childhood Trauma On Ability To Feel Empathy. More stats 103
The Antilibidinal Ego: Self-Protection Following Trauma More stats 103
The Gifted Child : Possible Traumatic Consequences More stats 103
How Traumatized Brain Differs From Normal Brain And 7 Ways To Repair It More stats 100
Effects of Lack of Emotional Security in Childhood. More stats 99
Childhood Trauma: The Link with Future Gambling. More stats 98
Complex PTSD Characteristics And Dimensions And The Eleven ‘I’S’ More stats 97
Characteristics Of Perpetrators Of Domestic Violence. More stats 94
Reframing The Past : How To Reframe Traumatic Memories More stats 93
CONTACT More stats 90
Homophobic Parents And Effects On Their LGBTIQ+ Child More stats 90
Childhood Trauma: Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (with Questionnaire). More stats 90
Childhood Trauma Leading to Anhedonia (Inability to Experience Pleasure). More stats 90
Two Main Ways Narcissistic Parents May Use Their Children. More stats 87
Transgenerational Trauma : How Effects Of Trauma Are Passed Down Generations More stats 86
Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ROCD) More stats 86
3 Types Of Childhood Stress : Positive, Tolerable And Toxic More stats 85
‘Psychache’ And Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) More stats 84
What Is Reparenting And How Does It Heal Inner Child And False Self? More stats 83
Test Your Knowledge About Complex PTSD (Multiple Choice Quiz) More stats 82
What Is CAPRD (Child Affected By Parental Relationship Distress)? More stats 82
Shame Caused By Childhood Trauma, How We Try To Repress It And Health Effects More stats 82
Childhood Trauma Questionnaire More stats 81
Childhood Trauma: The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study More stats 81
The Effects of Emotionally Distant Parents On The Child. More stats 81
Five Types Of Dysregulation Linked To Childhood Trauma. More stats 80
Childhood Trauma Leading To Cognitive Distortions And Paranoia More stats 80
Why Do Some Parents Publicly Shame Their Children? More stats 80
Complex PTSD And Physically Evaluating The Brain More stats 79
Controlling Emotions : The Emotional Regulation System More stats 79
Abandonment Issues, Fear Of Rejection And Therapies More stats 77
How Narcissistic Parents Weaken Our Sense Of A Personal Boundary. More stats 76
Perfectionism Linked To Having Inflexible, Authoritarian Parents More stats 75
How Childhood Trauma Can Speed Up The Ageing Of The Brain More stats 75
The Different Types Of Dissociative Amnesia In Complex PTSD. More stats 72
Effects of Parental Favouritism On Favored And Unfavoured Child More stats 71
ADHD And Its Link To Childhood Trauma And A Negative Thinking Bias More stats 71
Can’t Let Go Of Childhood Trauma? Here Are Possible Reasons Why More stats 70
Traumatic Memory : Flashbacks, Fragments, Nightmares And Repression More stats 69
Betrayal Trauma Theory And ‘Betrayal Blindness’. More stats 68
Borderline Personality Disorder And The Physically Damaged Brain More stats 67
Childhood Trauma And Secondary Psychopathy More stats 66
How We View Our Childhood Trauma Crucial To Our Mental Health More stats 66
How Emotionally Unstable Parents Can Affect Their Children More stats 66
Childhood Trauma Can Create Brain Wired For Fear More stats 65
Childhood Trauma Leading To Psychotic And Immature Defense Mechanisms More stats 65
BPD Mothers’ Unrealistic Needs And Resulting Resentment Of Children More stats 65
Effects Of Childhood Trauma On The Stress Hormone Cortisol More stats 63
Coping Mechanisms for Survivors of Childhood Trauma More stats 63
Learning To Trust Again After Childhood Betrayal By Parents More stats 63
Childhood Emotional Abuse Link To Adult Chronic Pain More stats 63
Hyperarousal And Zoning Out: 2 Opposite Child Responses To Stress More stats 63
Reducing Anxiety By Calming The Amygdala More stats 62
The Possible Effects Of Genes On Development Of Borderline Personality Disorder More stats 60
Triangulation: When Parents Use The Child As A ‘Go-Between.’ More stats 60
Trauma Triggers : Definition And Examples More stats 59
Four Ways Parents May Damage Their Child By ‘Adultification.’ More stats 59
Childhood Trauma: Its Link to Adult Anxiety. More stats 58
Compassion Focused Therapy for Effects of Childhood Trauma More stats 58
How Childhood Trauma Can Cause Hypervigilance And Treatments More stats 57
Childhood Trauma Leading to The Inability to Trust More stats 57
Trauma Involving Betrayal More Likely To Lead To BPD And PTSD More stats 55
Childhood Trauma : The Effects of Bullying More stats 55
Do BPD Sufferers And Psychopaths Have Things In Common? More stats 55
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Sexuality More stats 55
Excessive Need To Be In Control Resulting From Childhood Trauma More stats 54
Crucial Features Of Psychoeducation For Sufferers Of Complex PTSD More stats 54
The Fantasy Bond Originating From An Impoverished Mother-Child Relationship. More stats 54
Identity Problems And Their Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 54
How Trauma, Learned Helplessness And Genes Are Linked To Depression More stats 53
Brains Of Children Exposed To Domestic Violence Affected In Similar Way To Exposure To Combat More stats 52
Effect Of Childhood Trauma On The Limbic System And Emotional Control More stats 51
Child-Parent Relationship Too Close For Comfort? Emotional Incest Explained More stats 51
Emotional Detachment Disorder And Childhood Trauma More stats 50
Living With Complex PTSD: A Personal Account. More stats 50
10 Categories Of Childhood Traumatic Events (Chronic And Sudden). More stats 50
Narcissistic Parents’ Use Of The Complimentary Moral Defense More stats 49
Do Alternative And Complimentary Therapy For PTSD Work? More stats 49
Adverse Effects Of Childhood Trauma On Oxytocin And Our Ability To Love More stats 49
Childhood Trauma Can Make Us Terrified Of Accepting Love In Adulthood. More stats 49
Splitting: What BPD Sufferers And Infants Have In Common More stats 48
Childhood Trauma: How The Child’s View Of Their Own ‘Badness’ Is Perpetuated. More stats 48
Overcoming Emotional Numbness : Recognition Of The Root Cause More stats 48
Childhood Trauma Leading Us To See Others As ‘All Good’ Or ‘All Bad.’ More stats 48
Effects Of Passive-Aggressive Parents On The Child More stats 48
What Is Privileged Abandonment And How Can It Affect The Child? More stats 47
What Are The Effects Of Trauma On Young Children (0-6 Years)? More stats 47
A Study Into The Main Effects Of Mentally Ill Mothers On Their Children More stats 47
Combined Effects of Divorce and Emotional Abuse on The Child. More stats 47
10 Childhood Trauma Quotes From Experts And Writers More stats 47
Childhood Trauma Linked To Agoraphobia More stats 47
Adult Loneliness Linked To Childhood Trauma And Feelings Of Shame More stats 46
Why It’s So Hard To Talk About Our Experience Of Severe Trauma More stats 46
What Factors Reduce Risk Childhood Trauma Will Lead To Mental Illness? More stats 46
Is Your Attachment Style Preoccupied, Dismissing or Fearful? More stats 45
Therapy For Dissociative Disorder More stats 44
‘Upper’ And ‘Lower’ BPD: Kernberg’s Theory More stats 44
Does Betrayal Trauma Increase Risk Of ADHD? More stats 44
Explaining Traumatic Memories With The Linen Cupboard Metaphor More stats 44
‘Acting Out’ And Childhood Trauma More stats 43
What Are The Differences Between BPD And Complex PTSD? A Study More stats 43
Highly Dysfunctional Families and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) More stats 42
Body Dysmorphic Disorder : Its Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 41
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Its Effect On Brain And Its Benefits More stats 41
Do Gay People Have More Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? More stats 41
Why Childhood Trauma Sufferers Can’t ‘Just Get Over It.’ More stats 40
Factors That Put The Child’s Mental Health At Risk More stats 40
Are You At Increased Risk Of Complex PTSD From Childhood Trauma? More stats 40
Dysfunctional Parenting Leading to Pathological Sibling Rivalry More stats 40
Parental Alienation Syndrome And Effect Of Divorce On Children More stats 40
Six Main Causes Of Mental, Psychological And Emotional Pain More stats 39
Brain Damage Due To Trauma Greater At Critical Developmental Stages More stats 39
How Childhood Trauma Is Linked To ‘Personality Disintegration’ More stats 39
Somatic Experiencing Therapy : Healing The Dysfunctional Nervous System More stats 39
Can’t Control Impulses? Impulse Control Activities For Adults. More stats 38
Ten Childhood Experiences That May Lead To PTSD More stats 37
Steps To Healing From Childhood Trauma As An Adult More stats 37
The Escape Theory Of Suicide And Its Relevance To Childhood Trauma More stats 37
‘Making A Monster’: The Effects Of The Childhood Of Rose West More stats 36
Why Trauma Survivors May Find It Hard To Learn From Past Behaviour. More stats 36
5 Defenses Used By Narcissists To Hide Inner, Extreme Fragility More stats 36
Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy Audios For Relief Of Mental Pain More stats 35
Does Parental Clinical ‘Overvaluation’ Of Their Child Create A Narcissist? More stats 35
Test Your Knowledge About Effects Of Childhood Trauma (Multiple Choice Test) More stats 34
Childhood Trauma, Therapy And The Right Brain More stats 34
Unconscious Processes : How Our Past Affects Our Present. More stats 34
BPD, Low Self-Esteem And How To Stop Being Thin-Skinned More stats 34
Emotional Neglect In Childhood Linked To Ecstasy (MDMA) Use More stats 34
Self-Acceptance More Helpful To Mental Health Than Self-Esteem. More stats 33
Childhood Trauma: The Statistics More stats 33
Understanding And Treating BPD In Relation To Person’s Life Story More stats 33
Childhood Trauma, Inflammation, The Immune System And Severe Adult Health Implications. More stats 33
Does Dwelling On Past Worsen Depression Linked To Childhood Trauma? More stats 33
Traumatic Amnesia Resulting From Childhood Trauma More stats 33
When One Family Member Is Scapegoated, Whole Family Needs Therapy More stats 32
Childhood Trauma And Self-Harm. More stats 32
Characteristics Of Abusive Mothers More stats 32
Psychotic ‘Hallucinations’ : Could They Be Trauma-Based Memories? More stats 32
Why Rejection Is So Painful : An Evolutionary Explanation. More stats 32
The Link Between BPD And Pace-Of-Life-Syndrome (PoLS) More stats 31
Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Misdiagnosis More stats 31
Symptoms Of Trauma And Their Link To ‘Energy Trapped In The Body.’ More stats 31
How Distant, Aloof, Uninvolved Parents Can Affect Child More stats 31
Integrating Parts Of Brain And Body To Resolve Trauma More stats 31
Effects Of Interpersonal Childhood Trauma On Sexuality More stats 31
Diet May Help Reverse Brain Damage Caused By Childhood Trauma More stats 31
What Are The Main Symptoms Of Complex PTSD? More stats 31
Possible Adverse Effects Of Maternal Stress On The Unborn Baby’s Brain Development. More stats 30
Traumatized As A Child And Wrongly Diagnosed With BPD? More stats 30
Healthy Narcissism Versus Unhealthy Narcissism (Kohut’s Theory). More stats 30
How Trauma Can Profoundly Alter Our Worldview More stats 30
Adverse Effects on Physical Health of Childhood Trauma More stats 30
Severe Mental Pain And Anguish : BPD And Algopsychalia More stats 30
Erotomania: Its Origins In Childhood Trauma More stats 30
Childhood Trauma, Social Anxiety And The Spotlight Effect More stats 29
A Study Into Effects Of Being Raised By A Mentally Ill Parent More stats 29
Five Types Of Amnesia Linked To Childhood Trauma More stats 29
Bowlby’s Theory Of The Damaging Psychological Effects Of Maternal Deprivation More stats 29
What Does Gaslighting Mean And How Do We Deal With It? More stats 29
Narcissistic Parent : Typical Behavior More stats 29
Traumatic Bonding With The Perpetrator Of The Trauma More stats 29
Family Secrets And The Damage They Do More stats 29
Effects of Narcissistic Parents Who ‘Parentify’ Their Child More stats 29
The Science Behind How Exercise Reduces Anxiety More stats 28
Effects Of Parents Treating Their Children With Contempt More stats 28
PTSD Nightmares : Content, Symbols, Information Processing Theory And Paradoxical Intention More stats 28
Is Your Mother Self-Absorbed, Lacking In Empathy And Narcissistic? More stats 28
Childhood Trauma – Signs and Effects of Psychological Abuse More stats 28
Mothers More Likely To Be Abusive Than Fathers, Study Suggests More stats 28
‘Distress Intolerance’ : Do Your Feelings Sometimes Feel Unbearable? More stats 28
Identity Disturbance And Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) More stats 27
Dysfunctional Tension Reduction Activities Complex PTSD and BPD Sufferers May Use More stats 27
Useful Links For Recovery From Childhood Trauma More stats 27
Why And How Childhood Trauma Can Turn Us Into Addicts More stats 27
Recovery of Repressed or Buried Memories of Abuse More stats 26
Desperate Measures: Pseudo-Seizures, Polysurgery And Double-Doctoring More stats 26
Why Can Effects Of Childhood Trauma Be Delayed? More stats 25
The Vicious Cycle of Adult Problems Stemming from Childhood Trauma More stats 25
The Mother Prone to Explosive Rage. More stats 25
Recovered Memories: False, Factual And Narrative More stats 25
What Are The Effects Of Emotional Neglect Of A Child? More stats 25
Why Complex PTSD May Sometimes Be Misdiagnosed As Schizophrenia More stats 25
How We Are Influenced By Our Unconscious Childhood Memories More stats 25
Coping With BPD Parents And Therapy For Stolen Childhood. More stats 25
3 Ways To Repair Brain Damage Caused By Protracted Childhood Trauma More stats 25
Reducing Hyperarousal Caused By Childhood Trauma More stats 25
Metacognitive Therapy For Borderline Personality Disorder And Other Conditions More stats 24
Signs Of PTSD In Very Young Children And Toddlers More stats 24
Harmful Effects of Poverty on Early Brain Development More stats 24
Childhood Trauma Leading To Over-Dominant Brain Stem More stats 24
Labelling And Understanding Our Emotions May Reduce Inflammation And Improve Health More stats 24
Parenting Styles And Their Potential Effects On Children More stats 23
Personality Types A,B,C and D And Their Relationship To Childhood Trauma More stats 23
Why Traditional Discipline Strategies May Fail With Traumatized Children More stats 23
BPD Link To Mothers Who Fluctuate Between Nurturing And Abusive Behaviour More stats 23
Possible Damaging Behaviors Of The BPD Parent More stats 23
Research Into Children Of Mothers Suffering From Borderline Personalty Disorder. More stats 23
‘Humor’: How Parents May Use It To Emotionally Wound Their Children More stats 23
Childhood Trauma And The Development Of Impulse Control Disorders. More stats 22
Characteristics Of Narcissistic Parents More stats 22
Test Your Knowledge Of The Effects Of Childhood Trauma On The Brain (Multiple Choice Quiz) More stats 22
Constantly Feeling ‘Empty’? Effects And Solutions. More stats 22
Expressing Childhood Trauma Through Externalizing Behaviours More stats 22
The Emotional Regulation System And Its Three Subsystems More stats 22
Emotional Shutdown, Repression And Their Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 21
Reasons Why ADHD Might Be Being Overdiagnosed More stats 21
Insomnia More Common in Childhood Trauma Survivors More stats 21
7 Fundamental Aspects Of Personality Childhood Trauma Can Profoundly Affect More stats 21
Study Shows Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Improves Brain Functioning. More stats 21
How Religious Indoctrination In Childhood Can Fuel OCD More stats 21
Take The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Test More stats 21
Antisocial Personality Disorder – A Psychodynamic Explanation More stats 20
Severity Of BPD Symptoms And Human Touch Negatively Correlated. More stats 20
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) : Latest Research Leads To New List Of Main Symptoms More stats 20
Ego Regression And Progression In Response To Trauma More stats 20
3 Stages Of Complex PTSD Treatment: Stabilisation, Therapy And Reintegration. More stats 20
#37202 (loading title) More stats 20
Splitting: Effects Of BPD Parent Seeing The Child Only In Terms Of ‘All Good’ Or ‘All Bad’. More stats 20
Childhood Trauma : Early Signs of Psychopathy More stats 20
Childhood Trauma : Some Important Facts And Statistics More stats 20
Self-Defeating Personality Disorder And Its Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 20
Depression: Components Of The Mental Pain Experienced By Sufferers More stats 20
3 Types Of Emotional Control Difficulties Resulting From Childhood Trauma More stats 19
Disturbing Memories – Why They can Remain Unprocessed More stats 19
How To Reduce Effects Of Parents’ Unresolved Trauma On Their Children More stats 19
How Childhood Trauma Can Make You Oversensistive To Light, Sound And Touch More stats 19
Signs of Dysfunctional Families More stats 19
REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder, Somniloquy And Childhood Trauma More stats 19
Sensory Dysregulation Resulting From Childhood Trauma More stats 19
Types Of Mother Whose Parenting May Be Harmful More stats 19
BPD and the Science Behind Self-Harming Behavior More stats 18
Problems Those With BPD May Encounter In The Workplace More stats 18
Complex PTSD In Children And Its Misdiagnosis As Anger Disorders More stats 18
The ‘Still Face’ Experiment: The Importance Of The Mother-Child Bond. More stats 18
Self-Disgust : A Legacy Of Constant Evaluation / Objectification By Parents More stats 18
A Study On The Link Between Childhood Trauma And Adult Psychosis More stats 18
Identity Problems In BPD Linked To Inability To Mentally ‘Time Travel’ More stats 18
What Is Your Attachment Style And How Does It Affect Your Relationships? More stats 18
Early Trauma Can ‘Shut Down’ Prefrontal Cortex And Reduce Rationality More stats 18
PTSD – 3 Steps To Recovery: Safety, Remembering And Rebuilding More stats 18
Inconsistent Mothering Leading To The ‘Splitting’ Defense Mechanism. More stats 18
Neuroplasticity : 3 Ways Brain Can Physically Recover From Trauma More stats 18
Childhood Trauma : Dealing with Moodiness and Anger More stats 17
BPD Behaviors Interpreted As ‘Manipulative’ Driven By Mental Agony More stats 17
Test Your Knowledge About BPD (Multiple Choice Quiz). More stats 17
Types of Relationship Problems The Individual May Experience As A Result Of Childhood Trauma. More stats 17
The Injustice Of Prejudice Against BPD Sufferers. More stats 17
Trauma Linked To Social Anxiety, Self-Consciousness And Isolation More stats 17
Can Someone Suffer From More Than One Personality Disorder? More stats 17
Privacy Policy More stats 17
Childhood Trauma: Damage Done by Breakdown of Maternal Bond. More stats 17
Examining Stress And Relaxation In Relation To Childhood Trauma More stats 17
Childhood Trauma And Somatic Psychology More stats 17
Parental Transmission Of Fear And Anxiety Onto Their Children More stats 17
Can Children Be Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? More stats 17
Narcissistic Mother Checklist (And Useful Links) More stats 17
Reducing The Pain Associated With Being Stuck In ‘Fight / Flight’ Mode. More stats 17
Difference Between Borderline Personality Disorder In Men And Women More stats 16
Effects of Childhood Trauma – Alexithymia, Depression and Binge Eating More stats 16
The Power Of The Mind For Reducing And Eliminating Pain More stats 16
Types Of Narcissist : Extraverted, Introverted/Covert And Communal More stats 16
Study Suggests Emotional Abuse And Neglect Most Directly Linked To BPD More stats 16
Childhood Trauma, The Hippocampus, Depression And Neurogenesis. More stats 16
Remission In Sufferers Of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). More stats 16
‘Primary Maternal Preoccupation’ : Vital Importance Of Mother-Infant Attunement More stats 16
‘Accepting Feelings Of Anxiety Reduces Mental Pain And Suffering More stats 16
LGBTIQ+ Individuals More Likely To Be Diagnosed With BPD More stats 16
Posttraumatic Growth : Trauma, The Brain, Dissociation And Creativity More stats 16
Possible Effects of Divorce on Children More stats 16
BPD, Feeling Painfully Empty, The ‘Leaky Cup’ Metaphor And Thrill Seeking More stats 15
BPD and ‘Clinging’ Dependency More stats 15
Why Isn’t Mental Pain Taken As Seriously As Physical Pain By Medical Profession? More stats 15
Why Asperger’s And Bipolar Can Be Misdiagnosed As BPD. More stats 15
Why Complex PTSD Sufferers May Over-Focus On Perceived Threat. More stats 15
Schizophrenia: Study Reveals Those Traumatized In Childhood Up To Fifty Times More Likely To Develop It More stats 15
Migraine And Its Link To Childhood Trauma And Hypervigilance More stats 15
BPD, The Love-Hate Relationship And Neuroscience More stats 15
Fear of Death Stemming from Childhood Trauma More stats 15
Explaining BPD In Terms Of The Diathesis-Stress Model More stats 14
Being Constantly Humiliated By Parents May Damage Brain’s Corpus Callosum More stats 14
The Importance Of A Holistic Approach To Healing Childhood Trauma More stats 14
A Study Into The Terrible Mental Pain Experienced By BPD SUfferers. More stats 14
How Self-Esteem Is Damaged And Key Elements That Help Recovery More stats 14
Signs Of Obsessive Love Disorder More stats 14
How ‘Malignant Alienation’ May Impoverish Care BPD Sufferers Receive More stats 14
What Types Of Parents Are More Likely To Physically Abuse Their Children? More stats 14
How Our Childhoods Can Make Us Feel Worthless And Inadequate. More stats 14
Right Brain Therapy : Benefits For Trauma Survivors More stats 14
Psychotic Depression, Schizophrenia And Childhood Trauma Subtypes More stats 14
Possible Life-Long Effects Of Toxic Stress On The Child. More stats 14
Feelings Of Shame Caused By Emotionally Distant Parents More stats 13
What Is ‘The Trauma Model’ Of Mental Disorders And Psychopathology? More stats 13
Broaden And Build Theory And Developing Our Ability To Flourish More stats 13
Vast Majority Of Parental Maltreatment Of Children Unacknowledged More stats 13
Actions that Help and Hinder a Family Member’s Recovery from BPD. More stats 13
Childhood Trauma Leading to Intense Self-Criticism More stats 13
Depersonalization: How Trauma Can Leave Us Feeling ‘Unreal.’ More stats 13
The Gifted Child : Characteristics And Potential Problems. More stats 13
The ‘Orphanhood Effect’ And Related Phenomenon More stats 12
Health Anxiety : Its Link To Childhood Trauma More stats 12
Theories Of Causes Of Anger And Borderline Personality Disorder More stats 12
Domestic Violence And Its Direct And Indirect Effect On Children More stats 12
#42529 (loading title) More stats 12
How Childhood Trauma Can Reduce Life Expectancy By 19 Years. More stats 12
Recovery From Complex PTSD More stats 12
Major Study Identifies Most Harmful Type Of Abuse More stats 12
Why a Mother’s Influence Is So Powerful. More stats 12
The Main Ways Trauma Continues To Ruin Our Lives Long After It’s Over More stats 12
3 Ways To Classify Trauma: Acute, Complex And Crossover. More stats 12
BPD Sufferers’ ‘Faster Time Perception Linked To Impulsivity.’ More stats 12
How Very Early Life Experience Can Increase Your Risk Of Divorce More stats 12
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