Online Therapies : The Advantages


We have seen from other articles that I have posted on this site that those of us who experienced significant childhood trauma are at greatly increased risk of developing mental health problems as adults.

Fortunately, in the age of the internet, there now exist opportunities to receive help with any mental health problems we may have from online sources.

There are many advantages to online therapy, including:

– no need for face-to-face contact with a therapist making things easier for those of us who suffer from conditions such as social phobia or agoraphobia; the therapy is undertaken in the comfort and safety of our homes

– we avoid the cost, inconvenience and time wasting of travelling to our therapist for appointments

– as bona fide online mental health services are private and confidential, nobody need know that we are receiving treatment for a mental health condition

– access to the online service can be instant

– you can access the therapy from anywhere (as long as you have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer)

– some online therapy providers, such as providers of instantly downloadable self hypnosis products, offer no quibble money back guarantees (unlike therapists we may see face-to-face)

– generally far less expensive than face to face therapy

– generally much less time consuming than face to face to face therapy


Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT):

One example of the kind of help that can be obtained online is CCBT; this therapy has been approved by the National Institute For Clinical Excellence (NICE) for the treatment of depression, panic disordThe Uand generalized anxiety disorder.


An increasing number of apps are available to help ameliorate our mental health problems. The UK NHS (National Health Service) recommends the following:

Fearfighter: Online therapy for anxiety and phobias

Silvanxiety: Online therapy for low mood and anxiety

Sleepio: Online therapy for insomnia

NB. These online services generally involve a fee, but some may be available at no charge on the NHS in the United Kingdom.

David Hosier BSc Hons; MSc; PGDE(FAHE).


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