Childhood Trauma and Depression – Somatic Symptoms

We know that the experience of significant childhood trauma makes a person more vulnerable to suffering from clinical depression in […]

Dealing with Stress : Increasing our Ability to Relax.

We know that those of us who suffered significant childhood trauma are far more likely to be vulnerable to the […]

Improving Relationships – Positive Communication

We have seen in previous articles published on this site that one of the main symptoms of having experienced a […]

Recovery : Writing as Therapy

If we were emotionally wounded as children, writing down our thoughts and feelings, perhaps in a journal, can be extremely […]

Recovery : Re-programming Our Subconscious

We reprogram, to some degree, our subconscious minds every single day due to our various emotional responses to people, situations and events. […]

Overcoming Emotional Numbness

Inevitably, a sense of loss accompanies the experience of childhood trauma, which, in turn, can manifest itself by leaving us […]

How Narcissistic Mothers Can Invalidate Us

One of the most frustrating and upsetting things about how the narcissistic mother may respond to us is that if […]

The Different Types of Anxiety Disorder

I have already written at length about the fact that those of us who suffered significant childhood trauma are more […]

Possible Adverse Physical Effects of CPTSD

Unfortunately, as well as psychological effects, if we have developed complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) as a result of […]

Childhood Trauma Leading to Intense Self-Criticism

If we suffered significant childhood trauma it is likely we were not instilled with an adequate sense of self-acceptance or […]

Childhood Trauma Leading to Suspicious Mind-Set as Adult

If, as a result of childhood trauma, we felt betrayed by our parent/primary carer in a way that deeply affected […]

Childhood Trauma Recovery : Rediscovering Our True Selves

As we recover from our childhood trauma, we can start to get back in touch with our authentic self, untainted […]

PTSD : Childhood Trauma and Other Risk Factors

We have already seen that severe childhood trauma can lead to PTSD or Complex PTSD (click here to read my […]

Childhood Trauma : The Manipulative Parent

There are many ways in which the parent may manipulate their offspring, including:  – emotional blackmail – threats (explicit or […]

Childhood Trauma Leading to Development of Negative Schema

The term ‘schema‘ refers to the fundamental beliefs and feelings we have about ourselves, others, and the world in general […]

The Possible Effects Of The Over-Controlling Parent

Over-controlling parents inappropriately impose their own will on their child which, when excessive, can deprive him/her of developing his/her own […]

Overcoming A Poor Self-Image Caused By Childhood Trauma

‘My one regret in life is that I wasn’t born as somebody else.’ – Woody Allen. Those of us who […]

Childhood Emotional Abuse: An Extended List of Adult Problems that May Result

We have already seen that, if we were emotionally abused as children, we may be harmed just as seriously as […]

Childhood Trauma : The ‘Silent Treatment’.

‘Silence can be as vindictive as speech’ – Anon. My mother was the master, or, in her case, the mistress, […]

Childhood Trauma : Long-Term Effects and Symptoms

Although I have written at length about the effects of childhood trauma on our adult life, I thought, in this […]

Childhood Trauma: Mentally Ill Parents

Sometimes, the reason we have experienced childhood trauma is that one, or both, of our parents was/were suffering from mental […]

Tonic Immobility: A Response To Childhood Trauma

Our stress responses are the legacy of millions of years of evolution – evolution turns us (and all living courses) […]

Does Hypnotherapy Work For Anxiety?

In many ways, hypnotherapy is an ideal treatment for anxiety. The relaxation that hypnosis induces can significantly reduce both emotional […]

Childhood Trauma Leading to The Inability to Trust

One of the most harmful legacies of childhood trauma is the survivor’s incapacity to develop trust in others. When we […]

The Self-Contradictory Behaviour of The Narcissistic Parent

I If we grew up with a parent who suffered from narcissistic personality disorder (click here to read my article […]

Ways to Control Impulsive Behaviour

If we have suffered severe childhood trauma which has led us to develop borderline personality disorder/BPD (click here to read […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder

  Those of us who experienced a dysfunctional relationship with our primary carer (e.g. our primary carer was abusive or […]

Learning to Escape Past and Live in Present After Childhood Trauma

One of the main effects of having suffered significant childhood trauma is that we can become painfully caught up in […]

Effects of Pre-Birth And Very Early Trauma

Neurological (brain) development can be adversely affected even before birth due to the effects of : – poor maternal diet […]

Four Characteristics Which Keep Us Unhappy After Childhood Trauma

The experience of childhood trauma makes us less likely to have a happy and contented adulthood than those who were […]

How Destructive Narcissists May ‘Parentify’ Their Children

Dealing With Narcissistic Behaviour – CLICK ON BANNER BELOW : Parents who suffer from a destructive narcissist pattern (DNP) of behaviour […]

Childhood Trauma : What is Psychological Trauma?

Psychological trauma occurs in response to an overwhelming event/s which an individual lacks the internal and external coping mechanisms to […]

The Difference Between PTSD and Complex-PTSD

There has been some controversy regarding the difference between post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex post traumatic stress disorder […]

Signs That A Parent May Have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is an extremely complex psychological condition. Indeed, it is not infrequently misdiagnosed as some other type […]

Childhood Trauma – The Cycle of Domestic Violence

I have already written an introductory article on the subject of how domestic violence may affect children (CLICK HERE) and, in this […]

Childhood Trauma : Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can affect children in two ways : DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY. Let’s look at each of these two categories: […]

BPD and ‘Clinging’ Dependency

An individual suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) typically finds it extremely difficult to judge the appropriate emotional distance/closeness s/he […]

Childhood Trauma – Signs and Effects of Psychological Abuse

The effects of having been psychologically/emotionally abused when we were children can be devastating, and, without therapy, can last a life-time. […]

Effects of Childhood Trauma – Alexithymia, Depression and Binge Eating

  One possible effect of significant childhood trauma, according to recent research, is a condition known as ALEXITHYMIA ;it is […]

Effects of Anxiety on How We Think, Feel, Communicate and Behave

We know that, if we have experienced significant childhood trauma, we are more likely, as adults, to experience various forms […]

Childhood Trauma – Repairing Harm Done To Our Emotional Intelligence

I have written at length elsewhere on this site about how severe childhood trauma can adversely affect brain development (particularly […]

Childhood Trauma and PTSD – Facts and Fiction

I have written extensively elsewhere on this site about how severe childhood trauma can lead to, amongst many other psychological […]

How Childhood Trauma Can Motivate Individuals To Become Famous

I have discussed elsewhere on this site how, if we were deprived of love and proper care during our early life, […]

Genes Contribute Nothing To Emotional Health – These Are The Four Things That Do.

It is very common for those who have experienced severe childhood trauma to develop emotional problems in adult life and […]

Recurrent Depression – Effective New Treatment

I have written extensively on this site about the fact that those of us who have suffered severe childhood trauma […]

Mending The Mind : Self-Directed Neuroplasticity

We can use our own mind (which, for the sake of not over-complicating matters, I’ll define here as our conscious […]

Guest Post – Expert Tips On Improving Self Hypnosis Effectiveness

  There are many benefits to using self hypnosis. It can be used to overcome fears, fight addictions such as […]

Six Vital Factors Which Make Children More Resilient To Effects of Trauma

Children react in different ways to traumatic experiences. Of course, this is partly due to genetic differences (some children are […]

Specific Ways In Which The Brain Can Physically Recover From Severe Trauma

  I have previously written articles on how early life trauma can adversely affect the physical development of the brain […]

Childhood Trauma And Memory – Why Some Remember, Others Forget

As humans we have a natural, psychological defense mechanism which allows us to disconnect our conscious awareness from experiences which […]